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Aber HAllo STem

Aber Hallo Stem

We worked hard to bring this little gem to the USA exclusively at ThorUSA

First pic:
The Aber Hallo Stem and a pic how it looks if you use it in a regular MTB Stem

Second pic:
real nice degree markings give you an idea where to put the stem

Third pic :
This position gives you almost 2 inches of forward and down for that sporty position on the bike

Fourth pic:
same position viewed more from the side. Note the quick release will work perfectly

Picture 5:
same height just 2 inches more "legroom" on the bike. Q/R will not work in this position, same as all the Syntace stems, you now need a allen wrench to fold the handlebar all the way flat

Picture 6:
almost up. for the relaxed upright seating position. ( Q/R will not work)

Picture 7:
backwards .. this is acceptable for small riders/kids. Q/R will work. for astethic reasons the "Aber Hallo" can be turned around to look better without the bolts exposed

Aber Hallo Stem

"Aber Hallo" is German and means something like "OH YES !!" ( its about time !!). The Aber Hallo Stem enables you to clamp your existing handlebar in front of your existing stem, therefore giving you either a nice circle of reach or height adjustment. works on all Tern/Dahon bikes but also regular bikes with a 25.4 handlebar diameter.
199 grams and a little shy of 2 inch extension, or 50 mm exactly.
It has nifty degree markings as well
check out the pics

Aber Hallo Stem