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Sigma Sport Germany

Buster 600 front led light, this light is amazing, 100 meters or 300 feet light output. This is the latest generation of LED light and it compares to models which are selling upwards of 250 dlr.

2 stage battery status indicator
Able to be charged during use
Burn time: 2 h (power more), 5 h (standard mode) 13 h (eco mode), 11 h (flashing mode), 11 h (fast flashing mode), and 13 h (SOS flash mode)
Charge time: 4 h
Click switch with tactile ON/OFF response
Extremely durable aluminum housing
Horizontally adjustable bracket
Integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Light output 600 lumen
Lighting angle: 17°
Switch on protection (double click for ON)
Tool-free mounting
USB rechargeable LED front light with MICRO-USB charging port
Water resistant
Weight: 143g

Buster 600

Sigma Sport Germany

Buster 200 front led light. Economical but powerful, 50 meters or 150 feet light output.

1 High Power LED
Burn time up to 7 h
Horizontally adjustable bracket
Integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Integrated USB port
Light output 200 lumen
Tool-free mounting

Buster 200


Safety—Radi(c)ally Reinvented.
Creates a wide circle of light on the ground, encouraging drivers to pass at a safe distance
Illuminates you and your bike, so you’re clearly recognized as a cyclist
Includes an additional rear-facing light, for extra visibility from behind
Quick-release mounting system so it’s easy to take off your bike
IPX5 water resistance for all-weather riding
USB rechargeable
Fits any bicycle with a seat tube of 27.2 – 35 mm
Weighs 74 g


Twofish Stainless Velcro Cage for Waterbottle

New and Improved!!! Stainless Steel Cage. Velcro fastening. Goes on and comes off instantly. Strap it anywhere!

*Suitable for all 16", 20" and 26" bikes.

Twofish Stainless Velcro Cage

alloy Cage for Waterbottle

You know what theose two holes in your frame are for ? Of course ! Its for a Waterbottle cage
we carry some silver and black alloy cages which worked well for us in the past.
Sure a Carbon one would look cool, but these simply work well, and are very affordable

Great buy, however these come without WB bolts! Please order seperately.

Alloy Waterbottle Cage


Big mouth waterbottle, cap big enogh to put ice into it. These are high quality waterbottles.

Order more than just one


Alloy Bolt

Alloy Bolt 7075
Good Quality 7075 Alloy Waterbottle bolt, for many other uses. M4 x 180 mm

we sell them as PAIRS !!!

"Waterbottle Bolt "


Valo 2 Headlight

Dynamo powered, 41 Lux, 150 Lummens, standlight, works with Andros Stem or 47mm ( longer than the older 40 mm ) VRO Stems
But you can use a Valo 2 on every bike as well, just order an Aber Hallo Stem extension, leave the handlebar as is and use the small centerpiece and one clamp to have a solid mounting for you headlight

Tern Valo 2
$ 60.00
Topeak Bar Mount

Topeak Bar Mount
wrks great with the above Valo Light. Or mount computers, cameras, Phones etc etc
22 - 38 mm handlebar or any other round tube.

Topeak Bar Mount
$ 20.00
Biologic Flashlight Holder

The FlashMount light mount firmly attaches most mini flashlights onto bike handlebars for use as a bike light. So instead of having multiple lights for different applications, you need only one high quality flashlight. It saves you money and encourages conservation of natural resources. Fits handlebars 19 - 45 mm in diameter and flashlights 15 - 30 mm in diameter. Flashlight not included.

Biologic Flashlight holder
$ 6.99
Biologic Tailight LED

The Biologic TailLight safety light is a combination LED light and reflector that snaps onto the rails of a bike saddle. No tools required. It sits up high so its more visible to cars coming up from behind and the bright LED light features both blinking and steady modes.

Biologic clamp on
$ 16.99
Biologic Wraplights Pair

WrapLight lights are safety cycling lights that strap to your handlebar and seatpost to make yourself more visible at night. A water resistant silicone case gives the light weather resistant protection while the bright LEDs provide ensure clear visibility and long battery life.

Front WrapLight (white, with white LED)
Rear WrapLight (red, with red LED)

Please note: we love those wrap lights, but they are also meant as an ADDITION to your regular safety reflectors and lights on your bike. They are not strong enough to ride without any other lights at night. Be safe out there, its a jungle !

Biologic Pair Wraplights
$ 19.99

Busch & Mueller Germany

Lumotec IQ CYO RT (40 lux, taller beam) New for 2011, Busch & Müller introduces "Licht 24" In daytime mode, the "T" setting on the switch, the daytime LEDs are switched on at full intensity to make the cyclist more visible to others. At the same time, the main LED or "driving light" as B&M calls it, is set to a reduced intensity.
Senso mode "S" on the switch has the daytime LEDs at full intensity during daytime, and when the sensor determines the ambient light level is low, switches to nighttime mode. The daytime LEds are dimmed somewhat, and the driving LED is at full intensity.
Although "Senso" isn't in the name, these are full "Senso" headlights, T (daytime) - Senso (day and night) - Off.
And of course, there's a standlight. Both versions use the same LEDs. The difference is in the reflector. The RT spreads out the light more, top to bottom, providing light on the road surface closer to the bike. This is helpful when riding slowly. However, it does put a bit more light close to the bike than is necessary when riding at high speeds, and this extra road illumination could be distracting when you're trying to see what you are approaching at 35mph or 40mph. This is the taller beam closer to the bike RT VERSION the absolute BEST for Commuting.
( Or old farts like me who dont go over 30 miles in the dark anyhow)

Lumotec IQ Cyo RT 24 licht

Busch & Mueller Germany

Lumotec IQ CYO T (60 lux, BRIGHT beam)
same as above, but with more Lumen and a more far away light output. This light will make you see hundreds of feet, no matter how dark.
If you are going downhill in a hurry, nothing is better that the "sporty" version of this Lumotec light.
speeding tickets not included.

Lumotec IQ Cyo T 24 licht

LED rear

Sunlite taillight features 5-Super Bright LED's. 4 modes of 1 steady and 3 flashing.
It is made to be mounted onto a carrier with two mounting holes or center hole

rear LED Carrier mount

Busch and Mueller Germany

this is the cache battery you will need to re-power the I phones with the E-Werk, B&M 461A

Cache battery

` SP