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Pletscher Double BiPod

It comes with the deluxe top plate fastener.

Great for touring bikes with handlebarbags or heavy loaded bikes of all sizes. It folds to one side and looks like a regular kickstand. Does NOT hang down behind the bottom bracket and gets hung up on curbs. Like all Pletscher kickstands it works for years without the dreaded wobble. Great on tour for small wheel repairs or to adjust the shifting ( as it lifts up the rear wheel and its out of the way enough to pedal the wheel.
Available in black or silver.

picture from Ecovelo, it shows the optional f24 Shoes. not included.

The whole kickstand with ALL the deluxe fastening bits weighs 640 grams
Lately the question comes up how long this kickstand is ?
Its 320 mm and the ONLY version Pletscher is selling in the USA, If you want 280 mm than either cut the legs, OR give us a prepaid order for 500 pcs, wait around 4 months and voila...

Double Kickstand

Double Shoes F 24

Double Shoes
Make the double kickstand even better with a pair of matching shoes

Double shoes
$6.00 Pair
Pletscher CS Rack

Pletscher CS Rack
This is the rack Pletscher became known with. Those racks were copied from all over the world. However customers found out that the alloy the competitors were using was and still is not even close to the stringent Pletscher Q/C. Comes with J3 double seat stay clamp

Pletscher CS
EasyFix Video

Quick Rack Video