folding bicycles


Finally available from ThorUSA

Handlebar extender
They will increase the Saddle to Handlebar distance by 45 mm (almost 2 inches) for taller folks.
Or turn them UP for a more relaxed upright riding position. Similar to the Aber Hallo just lighter and nicer to look at.

96 grams of fine cnc machined blink.

Handlebar Extender

$ 40.00



T Handle Black
Handleposts with T Handle, use Andros, Litepro Extenders, or Aber Hallo Stem to connect your Handlebar.
29 cm height for fast low aggressive riding style. They are similar to the Dahon V posts which do NOT have the plastic square in them.

Handlepost T Handle

$ 75.00


Handlebar Rings, Pair

These awesome CNC rings will hold your handlebar centered, when you open the quickrelease
Only 10 grams for the pair.

Handlebar Clamps



Pair of 64 gr Ultimate Brake levers

All black or Black and Red

Wanne save some weight ? How does 64 grames for the PAIR of brakelevers sounds like ?

64 gr Pair Brake Levers



Pair of Pro 88gr Brake levers


88 grames for the PAIR of brakelevers

Pair 88 gr Brake Levers



one wheel worth of V brakes ( V238). 90 grams. These are long arms for added super smooth power. They come without brake pads, we recommend the Kool Stop Cross Pads


They will work with 406 AND 451 sized wheels. Finally a good method to upgrade to larger wheels without the hassle of caliper brakes.

One V Brake Litepro

each !


front derrailleur hanger

add a front derrailleur to your foldie

For alloy frames like the Dahon Mu or Terns

The "Mu" version for Alloy frames and slightly bigger diameter. 51.9 grams. silver

front derrailleur hanger



front derrailleur hanger

add a front derrailleur to your foldie

For steel frames like the Dahon Speed

The "Speed" version for Steel frames and slightly smaller diameter. 57 grams. Choose black or silver

front derailleur hanger



Chainrings with integrated guard

Superlight and even an incorporated chainguard.

We offer these in 3 colors with 53 teeth or even 56 teeth for our faster folding bike customers.

130 mm boltcircle. Only 112 grams for 56 teeth and 103 grams for 53 teeth.
Use single speed chainring bolts.




Premium Double Crankset with bottom bracket

756 grams for a DOUBLE crankset ( 53/39 teeth ) and precision bottom bracket. Almost unbelievable, except my scale doesnt lie.

53 outer and 39 inner for a huge gear spread

Premium Double Crankset



Super Premium Hollow Crankset with bottom bracket

740 grams including the 54 teeth replaceable chainring and precision bottom bracket.

54 superlight chainring included, 130 mm boltcircle

Super Premium Hollow Crankset


Litepro for Brompton


Brompton Seat Quick Release

Exclusively for Brompton

A beautiful Carbon and Titanium Seatpost quick release

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Brompton Seat Quick release