folding bicycles

Soma Sparrow Black. Shotpeened Tange aluminum that makes for a great touring/townie bar
Compatible with MTB grips and shifters, can be used flipped as a riser bar or down for a less upright position.
560 mm width, 50mm drop or rise, 25.4 dia , 260 grams

the bends are too tight to work with a Tern stem, but you could add an Aber Hallo and than it will work great

Soma Sparrow

Alloy Handlebar

Alloy 7075 Handlebar 560 mm wide, 25.4
Good quality steering control.

weight 150 grams

Made for us by Control Tech

Alloy Handlebar
Syntace VRO Handlebar

Alloy 7075 Handlebar 560 mm wide, 25.4, 12 degrees bend
This is the best quality handlebar for Andros,Aber Hallo, Litepro. Wider thicker center to accomodate all wider stems.

weight 170 grams


Ultralite Handlebar
Ritchey Riser Handlebar

Great 25.4 bar with just the right amount of rise. These are new bike "take-offs"
Brandnew, never ridden, but they might have a slight scratch or discolorisation.

Ritchey Riser

Riser Handlebar
Dahon Carbonlite

25.4 bar Carbonlite from Dahon
Brandnew, bling and low weight, woot woot


Carbon Handlebar
Bar Ends

reach: 65mm
material: AL 6061
bolts: boron
weight: 116g
Small enough not to be in the way when folding

Made for us by Control Tech

Stumpy Bar Ends
Tern Andros II Stem

If you have a T handlepost you can use the Andros for almost infinite height and reach adjustment. We got our hands on some ( limited quantities ) Tern Andros Stems
The Andros will give you extra reach or height.

Tool-less, one handed operation adjustable stem
Easily adjust the handlebar to fine-tune your riding position or adapt to any family member
Stiffer, stronger and 42 g lighter than the Andros 1st generation
TwinStem design for stiffness and strength
Allows you to easliy install the Tern Valo 2 hub-dynamo powered light
Works with the Physis T-Bar Handleposts or Physis 3D T-bar Handlepost and the Kinetix Pro Handlebar
Handlebar must have a straight central section of at least 100 mm with a diameter of 25.4mm

Length/weight: 65 mm / 323 g per set

Tern Andros II


Finally available from ThorUSA

Handlebar extender
They will increase the Saddle to Handlebar distance by 45 mm (almost 2 inches) for taller folks.
Or turn them UP for a more relaxed upright riding position. Similar to the Aber Hallo just lighter and nicer to look at.

96 grams of fine cnc machined blink.

Handlebar Extender

$ 40.00


Handlebar Rings, Pair

These awesome CNC rings will hold your handlebar centered, when you open the quickrelease
Only 10 grams for the pair.

Handlebar Clamps



Pair of Ultimate Brake levers

All black or Black and Red

Wanne save some weight ? How does 63 grames for the PAIR of brakelevers sounds like ?

Pair Brake Levers


Aber Hallo Stem

"Aber Hallo" is German and means something like "OH YES !!" ( its about time !!). The Aber Hallo Stem enables you to clamp your existing handlebar in front of your existing stem, therefore giving you either a nice circle of reach or height adjustment. works on all Tern/Dahon bikes but also regular bikes with a 25.4 handlebar diameter.
199 grams and a little shy of 2 inch extension, or 50 mm exactly.
It has nifty degree markings as well
check out the pics

Aber Hallo Stem
Aber Hallo Stem GROUP BUY

Same as above. However, you are buying 5 pieces. I have also INCLUDED worldwide freight with USPS. Meaning NO EXTRA freight charges !
Get your friends together and save big on individual freight.

check out the pics

5 x Aber Hallo Stem GROUP BUY
includes worldwide freight
T Tool ARX Grips

BioLogic T Tool Arx grips support for the palm of your hand and position your wrists to minimize numbness during long rides. The ergonomic support lets you relax your hands more during rides, resulting in less fatigue and more control when you need it. The grips lock into position on the handlebars and a triple density design puts a soft compund rubber just where you need it.

We now have Long/Long and also Long/Short which are for bikes with a twist shifter.

Stashed inside the grip is a patented T Tool, an integrated 4/5/6 mm Allen tool, so it is always conveniently at hand when you need it.
Arx grips fit most standard size (22.2 mm / 0.87" diameter) handlebars. T Tool insert fits handlebars with diameters of 17.8 mm (0.7) or larger.
contrary to the picture the orange lines are not orange but black, better lookin actually.

ARX Grips Pair

Handlebar Quick Release

QAuick release clamp for your handlebar.
Black,Silver,Red,Blue,Green,Orange, comes with Nifty set screw, 65 grams, 41 mm dia, fits Dahon, Tern and many others

Handlebar Clamp

Handlepost Quick Release

If you have a Dahon adjustable Handlepost this is the upgrade for you .
Silver,Blue,Green,Gold, comes with Nifty set screw

Handlepost adjustment Clamp

Dahon d2d


Dahon Adjustable on the fly
Eifel ( square bottom tube for less flex ) with d2d top height adjustable clamp for 31.8 Handlebars.
430 mm long from bottom to center of handlebar when fully extended.330 mm when folded forward.Forward extension 90 mm
1050 grams.
The Eifel stem is super stiff and great for any spirited riding, but also cool for the more relaxed crowd as it is so easy to adjust upright.
Attention you will need a 31.8 mm dia Handlebar !

Handlepost Eifel d2d adjustable

$ 189.00



T Handle Black
Handleposts with T Handle, use Andros, Litepro Extenders, or Aber Hallo Stem to connect your Handlebar.
29 cm height for fast low aggressive riding style. They are similar to the Dahon V posts which do NOT have the plastic square in them.

Handlepost T Handle

$ 75.00

Non adjustable Handlepost

one piece non adjustable but inherently much less flex
weight 694 grams,
Speed Uno/7,Mu Uno, Vybe, Jifo,Vitesse 7, 15 inch ( 380 mm) length from the top of the base (lower cap which gets bolted down into the fork steerer) to the center

660 grams

The Briza / Glide post is SILVER and shorter in overal length

folds to the inside

Installation help

Handlepost Onepiece

T one piece

This is a Radius 3, T one piece non adjustable but inherintly much less flex
weight 624 grams,
13 inch ( 340 mm) length from the top of the base (lower cap which gets bolted down into the fork steerer) to the center, where the Syntace clamps (or Aber Hallo Clamps) get mounted.
keep in mind to get some Syntace clamps or an Aber Hallo Stem, otherwise you cannot mount a handlebar.

folds to the outside

the silver version fits Speed TR the Black version is for Speed ProTT Visc 18 tour, Vector 20, Ani 30

Installation help

Handlepost Radius 3 T-onepiece

Jetstream Handlepost

This is for the Jetstreams

This post is significantly shorter than the regular posts. If you like a much lower handlebar which has added stiffness this is your change to hot rod your Dahon.

folds to the outside

Length between center of handlebarclamp and base is 10 inches or 260 mm, weight 565 grams
folds inside

picture shows Jetstream Stem above and regular Speed P8 Stem below.

Installation help

Handlepost Jetstream

Dahon Revolve Stem with quick release top

Outside dia is a little over 28 mm, real old ones are 25.4 mm dia for bikes well over 10 years old, you will need to buy a complete handlepost below
The ones we have in stock have the groove, which keep the handlebar somewhat straight

Dahon Revolve Stem with quick release top

Dahon Radius 3 adjustable Handlepost

Radius 3. Complete with all the quickreleases and upper adjustable stem.

folds inside

Length between center of handlebarclamp and base
Inches MAX:50 MIN:35
MM MAX:195 MIN:135
weight 789 grams

fits Mu 8/9/10 XL, Speed 8/9, Mariner 7/8,Eezz, Visc SL

Dahon fusion extender Handlepost


Dahon top Handlebar Q/R

WIDE new version for top of the handlepost

new W I D E version


Dahon Safety Wing

Radius 3. Safety Wing, Rh side
Inside fold for all newer bikes

Dahon Safety Wing RH

Dahon Safety Wing

Radius 3. Safety Wing, Lh side
Outside fold for all newer bikes
Attention this one is very rare. Most likely You need a RH version, or the safety clamp which goes around the handlepost.

Dahon Safety Wing LH

Dahon safety Latch

Dahon Handlepost Latch CATCH
its the square plastic piece where the latch engaged when you open it all the way

does NOT come with screw, just use the old one

bolted catch
Dahon safety Latch

Dahon Handlepost Safety Latch

Dahon Safety handlepost latch , 90 - 800
Dahon safety Latch OLD frames

Dahon Handlepost Safety Latch for older Bikes
like Boardwalks, these have a smaller diameter than the newer ones

Dahon Safety handlepost latch
Radius 3 Block

overtigthened or leave way too loose the handlebar folding mechanism in your Dahon Radius 3 Handlepost, and now the block is cracked. Resulting in a wobbly handlepost ?
ThorUSA to the rescue, we have those blocks :-)

41-1-19, Speed, Vitesse, Curve, Mu P9/10, Mariner, Boardwalk, Vybe

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For our customers offshore, please note that the shipping cart will NOT add any shipping charges, this does NOT mean that shipping is free. I will check the cheapest rate and its usually around 20 dlr, and than I send a you a freight bill, which you have to pay additional to the merchandise. See also the shipping tap on top of the page.

Block 0 degree

Radius 3 Block

overtigthened or leave way too loose the handlebar folding mechanism in your Dahon Radius 3 Handlepost, and now the block is cracked. Resulting in a wobbly handlepost ?
41-1-20 A little bigger with a 3 degree, Ciao, IOS, Briza, Jetstream, Mu LT, Mu SL , Visc, Vigor

Block 3 degree

Radius 3 Block, Curl

overtigthened or leave way too loose the handlebar folding mechanism in your Dahon Radius 3 Handlepost, and now the block is cracked. Resulting in a wobbly handlepost ?
Black for Curl, 41-1-21

Block Curl

Cane creek bar ends

These babies must be the most comfortable bar ends around, the added feature is that the “almost” not interfere with the folding.

cane creek bar ends
Reich Germany

Reich alloy safety Bell
the true classic under the bells, alloy light but good loud ringer, while very lightweight

Alloy Bell

Reich Germany

Reich alloy Mini Bell
cute with a loud noise

Alloy Mini Bell