folding bicycles
Carbon Canti Fork

fits 406 or 451 rim sized wheels

120 mm steerer tube for Dahon, 140mm for Tern is not available at this time.
Our glossy Carbon fork has the centerhole for calipers, but also the studs for V brakes. It also features the bracket to mount a Magnetix.
This one is a direct replacement and you can use your wheels and V - brakes. Better than the Dahon Ani version as you can use V brakes !
Or you can use the centerhole and remove the Cantistuds all together.

451 wheels need to use a caliper like the Tektro 358, if you want to use regular 406 wheels with a caliper you will need one with longer reach )

weight:400 grams ( includes the steel v-brake studs, which can be removed if you run a caliper brake )

Made for us by Control Tech

Glossy Carbon Fork

Swing Suntour Suspension fork

White for disc brakes

Alloy steerer tube .
Coil spring, Alloy fork brace
Travel 25mm
Crown Alloy (AC4C) / Swing arm design
axle width ( OLD) 100mm Magnesium legs
Steerer tube Alloy / coil spring integrated
Weight 1210g

Made for us by Suntour. Keep in mind that you will need a 100 mm front wheel, which we can built you. See other listing.
As Terns and Dahons have different headtube heights, this fork will be too long and either needs aheadset spacers or needs cutting to fit. Add a star nut and an aheadset cap to preload the fork into the frame and you are golden.

The Alloy steerer tube is a whopping 10 inches or 254 mm long. Cut it to length for most min and/or folding bikes

Suntour Swing 20

Super Special

Tern 100 mm Fork

fits Dahon as well

140 mm steel steerer tube.
This is a full steel fork, heavy duty strong. For Disc brakes. Has the braze ons for fenders and lowrider, a nifty cableguide for the disc brake cable, International standard disc brake mount and a holder for the magnet. This fork has a 100 mm old ( over locknut dimension) and hence works with regular front hubs. This fork was developed in Switzerland and is the perfect upgrade for loaded touring or simply if you wish to add a powerful disc brake to your bike.
ThorUSA is the exclusive seller in the USA for this fork and we had to twist a couple arms to get them for you.

Made for us Tern

Tern HD 100 mm Fork

Tern Tarsus Fork

fits Dahon as well you might need to cut the alloy steerer tube and use an Aheadset star spangled nut instead

140 mm alloy steerer tube.
The Tarsus Fork brings hydroforming technology to Tern forks.

The Tarsus is an objectively beautiful piece of engineering. Itís strong, compatible with internal cabling, and can reduce the weight of your Tern or Dahon bike by up to 300 g. Itís one of the most covetable upgrades if you dont go full carbon.
580 grams
this one is a matt black one with just a hint of red inside the blades, gorgeous !

X-level fork designed to compliment Verge hydroformed frames
Strong single piece of hydroformed 6061 aluminum tubing
Reduce the weight of your bike (All Tern D- and N-level bikes, Link C8 by 300 grams)
Internal cabling compatible for seamless dynamo lighting

Attention ! The magnet will only work on X20, X18, X10 !!!

Made for us by Tern

Tern Tarsus 74 mm Fork

Tern Fork

Tern Castro alloy 24 inches, 570 grams, 140 mm headtube, 1 1/8 dia. 74 mm OLD

Tern Castro Alloy fork
Tern Steel Fork

Tern Steel fork 140 mm headtube, 1 1/8 dia. 74 mm OLD

Tern steel fork
jetsream Suspension Fork

Dahon Jetstream restore fork, 1350 grams, 110 mm headtube, 1 1/8 dia. 74 mm OLD
comes with a sealed bearing Ritchey Headset. Note: the rubber seal is mostly cosmetic, but it is torn and not the best quality !

This fork really works, great if you restore an older Jetstream or just want to add suspension to an existing bike.

Restoring or just for fun