folding bicycles
Tern Tool 2.0

The Tern Tool is your bike buddy whose job is to ensure you stay on your bike riding and not on stuck on the roadside with a problem. Specially designed to service your Tern bicycle. But obviously works great on all bikes, especially folders :-)
The Tern Tool features 20 integrated tools, including a 15 mm open end wrench for tightening axle nuts and pedals and a 6 mm wrench for adjusting joint levers. The included neoprene cover can be slipped onto the body handle for a more comfortable grip. The tool folds into a flat, compact size and can be easily slipped into pant pockets or a ride jersey.

20 integrated tools
15 mm crescent wrench for axle nuts and pedals
Patented StuckNut™ design securely locks wrenches in place
Neoprene tool cozy
Includes tire patch kit
Dimensions: 90 x 54 x 28 mm (3.5" x 2.1" x 1.1")
Weight: 175 g (11 oz)

Tern Tool

$ 40.00


Safety—Radi(c)ally Reinvented.
Creates a wide circle of light on the ground, encouraging drivers to pass at a safe distance
Illuminates you and your bike, so you’re clearly recognized as a cyclist
Includes an additional rear-facing light, for extra visibility from behind
Quick-release mounting system so it’s easy to take off your bike
IPX5 water resistance for all-weather riding
USB rechargeable
Fits any bicycle with a seat tube of 27.2 – 35 mm
Weighs 74 g

NEW Tern Mainstay

If you could watch your chain, you’d see waves of energy literally bounce the chain as it moves up and down the cassette or when riding on rough roads. With the shorter chainstays of folding bikes, the waves just get amplified in size.
The Tern Mainstay™ chain guide eliminates chain drop for single chainring bikes without sacrificing shifting performance. Made from durable nylon, the Tern-patented guide dramatically enhances chain stability by reducing unwanted energy to ensure the chain stays on when shifting or riding rough roads.

Dampens chain bounce without sacrificing shifting performance
Made from lightweight, rugged fiber-reinforced nylon
Easy vertical and lateral adjustment
Use on single chainring Tern bikes such as Verge P9 & Link D8
Tern patented design
Dimensions: W 8 x L 7 x H 3.5 cm
Weight: 50 g / 1.8 oz
Color: Black

Chain Guide

$ 12.00
Joule generator front wheel

Joule generator wheel
The faboulous Joule II hub Generator. You need to attach the plus and ground wire to the slots (no cables provided) and have a light with a on and off switch. Voila you are set to go. This will power up all your reecharge and other accessories as well. This wheel weighs 990 grams

Joule Generator front wheel

Joule 3 Compe generator front wheel

The Joule 3 dynamo hub 20” rim set lets you generate electricity to power your lights or charge devices on your bike while riding. The Joule 3, winner of a 2012 Eurobike Award, is one of the lightest, most efficient bicycle dynamo hubs on the market, which means more power generated at a given speed. The patented magnet configuration yields barely noticeable drag while a polished, laser etched, and precision-machined flange pattern present high performance in a beautiful, small package.

The Comp rim set features butted spokes for lightness and is assembled and trued by hand. A double-walled rim provides extra stiffness and strength and a CNCed braking surface offers excellent stopping power.
Fits 20”-wheel bikes with V-brakes and a 74 mm OLD. Works with standard dynamo hub powered lights.
Available in silver and black.

73% generator efficiency — one of the most efficient
One of the lowest drag of all available dynamo hubs
Built and trued by hand
Butted spokes are light but strong
Double-walled rims for stiffness and strength
German StVZO compliant (3W, 6V)
Fits 20” bicycles with 74 mm OLD
Weighs only 853 g (w/o skewer)

Joule 3 Compe


Special order only, allow two weeks delivery time, or choose the Pro model below

Joule 3 PRO generator front wheel

The Joule 3 dynamo hub 20” PRO rim, same geat hub in an even lighter package

The Pro rim set features custom Sapim Laser double-butted spokes from Belgium and is assembled and trued by hand. The spokes on a typical rim set are de-stressed only once. The Pro rim set is de-stressed three times so it runs truer for a longer time. Patented Rolf paired-spoke technology allows the use of only 14 spokes, making it very light yet stiff and strong. A double-walled rim provides extra stiffness and strength and a CNCed braking surface offers excellent stopping power.
Fits 20”-wheel bikes with V-brakes and a 74 mm OLD. Works with standard dynamo hub powered lights.
Available in silver and black.

Weighs only 722 g (w/o skewer)

Joule 3 PRO


TERN Big Mouth Pannier

The Big Mouth Pannier is the newest and biggest addition to Tern’s ecosystem of bags that help you carry a load on your bike.
The Big Mouth pannier bag holds up to 1400 cubic inches so it’s perfect for grocery runs or daily commuting. Thanks to the wide cinch-top opening you can easily organize, load, and secure your cargo. It opens so wide, in fact, you can easily drop a basketball or watermelon inside.

The Big Mouth hangs on the side of your rear pannier rack with robust Ortlieb pannier hooks, so you can expect years of reliable operation. Finally, we designed the Big Mouth so it can fold flat when you aren’t using it—cinch it flat on the side of your bike for a discreet and narrow profile. 20 lb max load.
The Big Mouth Pannier is sold as one piece, order 2 if you want both sides.

Tern Big Mouth Pannier

$ 65.00
TERN Kontti Basket

The Tern Kontti Basket is a lightweight, spacious, and virtually indestructible bike basket. It clips onto your rear rack with Ortlieb® pannier mounts and sports a rugged handle for running errands in the city.

Genuine Ortlieb® pannier mounts
One-handed mounting/dismounting
Reflective strips for all-around visibility
Fits all Tern rear racks and 8-16 mm rack tubes
Capacity: 1100 ci, max load 20 lb.
The Kontti Basket is sold as one piece, order 2 if you want both sides. Wine is NOT included.

Tern Kontti Basket

$ 40.00
TERN Hold'em Basket

The Hold ’Em Basket is a stout front basket that mounts on your frame for stable steering in the city. It’s big enough to carry a bag of groceries or a backpack and, thanks to the cinch-cover, it holds everything in place. It attaches and detaches in seconds from any bike that uses the KLICKfix™ Handlebar Adapter System, making it the perfect shopping companion for urban life.

Stout frame-mounted basket for stable cargo-carrying
Water-resistant cinch-top cover to hold groceries and backpacks securely inside
Durable and easy-to-clean for all-seasons use
Detaches and attaches in seconds—the perfect shopping companion
Mounts to the frame of your bicycle so it doesn’t affect steering
Compatible with the KLICKfix™ Handlebar Adapter System

max load 6 kg ( 13lbs)

Tern Hold-em Basket
$ 40.00
Tern fenders,Pair

SKS produces the finest mudguards in the world in their Sundern, Germany factory. The Tern Special Edition Mini 20 mudguards are customized for Tern or Dahon's 20 inch wheel bikes and are made from their nearly indestructible chromeplastic material, adjustable single stainless steel stays, and stainless hardwear.
They are roughly 45 mm wide, same as the ThorUSA exclusive NARROW version.
These also will fit bikes which come standard with Big Apple tires.( albeit a little tricky assembly to get clearance ). However, the WIDE ThorUSA exclusive fenders will work better with Big Apples

the 24 inch fenders are 53 mm wide and will work with big apple tires !

SKS fenders, for Tern/Dahon, Pair

Tern Loader rack

Tern Loader Rack fits most Terns and Dahons and many others, Black only

Light 0.5 kg (1.1 lb) total weight
Double-hook SideStrap™ to cleverly anchor your gear ( included )
KLICKfix™ basket & pannier compatible
Rear light mount & internal wiring ready( but NOT included )
10 kg (22 lb) max load

Tern Loader

Spartan front rack

The Spartan Rack is built from large-gauge tubular aluminum for strength and stiffness and features a very low-center-of-gravity for excellent stability when loaded with panniers. The adjustable mounting system allows the rack to be fitted to both Tern 20” and 24” bicycles.

ATTENTION this front rack does NOT work with bikes which have the V brake in front of the fork. It ONLY works with Tern Bikes who have the front brake BEHIND the fork. The Link C7 for example will NOT work

•Compatible with most Tern 20” and 24” bicycles
•Fits most small- to medium-size side panniers
•Capacity: 10 kg (22 lb)

Tern Spartan front rack

Tern Cargo rack

The Cargo Rack is a robust rear rack for 20" and 24" Tern bikes. Constructed of thick-gauge aluminum tubing with ultra-rigid DoubleTruss™ 3D design, the rack supports it all – full-sized panniers on upper or lower rails and KLICKfix™ Rackpack compatible baskets and trunk bags, such as the BioLogic Commute Bag.

Delivering 25 kg (55 lb) load capacity and Tern's unique SideStrap™ anti-roll anchoring system to keep cargo tied down securely, the Cargo Rack is Tern's strongest and most versatile rack ever.
some of thepictures show a rear light and a pannier. Both are NOT included. Nor is the bike the carrier is mounted on ( dont ask )

Rigid DoubleTruss™ 3D design

Mount full-sized panniers on upper or lower rails

Mount trunk bags or baskets to top deck with panniers on lower rails

Lower rail pannier stays keep panniers further back for greater heel clearance

KLICKfix™ Rackpack compatible top deck

Unique SideStrap™ anti-roll top deck anchor system

Adjustable height clearance

Built-in light/reflector mount with internal cable routing for powered rear light

25 kg (55 lb) load capacity

Fits 20" and 24" Tern Dahon and may other bikes

Cargo Rack



check out all the larger pics below to see whats all included
Pack your folding bike into a regular suitcase
Get all the bits and pieces to safely pack your bike
Bike and suitcase not included, We recomend a Samsonite Flite GT or upside swivel but works with other brands as well.

Bigger Pictures:Promo
Bigger Pictures:Axle
Bigger Pictures:Handlebar
Bigger Pictures:Instructions
Bigger Pictures:Pedals
Bigger Pictures:Quickreleases
Bigger Pictures:Dropout
Bigger Pictures:Seatpost
Bigger Pictures:How To
Bigger Pictures:all packed up

Tern Carry-on 2.0 Bag

An easy-to-use, lightweight cover is one of the most important things to have for a portable bike. Perfect for trains, subways or buses when you need to bag your bike, it helps keep you and others free from grease and grime. It’s also great for storing folded bikes at home or the office.
Our CarryOn cover is one of our most popular accessories. When we thought about how we can make the CarryOn better, we figured the best way to go would be to make it faster to get on and off, more comfortable for carrying your bike and more flexible in where you can stash it when riding.

Carry-on 2.0 Saddle Pack

$ 45.00

Tern Stow Bag, Gen 2

New and improved.The Stow Bag is portable storage for a Tern bicycle. Internal zip pockets can hold a pair of detachable pedals or a set of tools. The Gen 2 Stow Bag fits Tern 20” and 24" bicycles.

•Padded lining protects bike and surroundings
•Built to last from durable 1800 denier polyester
•Heavy-duty zippers, buckles and straps
•Internal pockets for pedal storage
•Compatible with many other 20” folding bicycles as well as most 24 " folders

Tern Stow Bag
$ 110.00

TERN Body Bag

The Body Bag is a long and flat storage bag for a Tern. It’s good for use in storage lockers, closets, or behind a sofa. It’s perfect for bike rental stores or tour outfits that need to pack bikes quickly and compactly for storage or transit to a ride location. Made from rugged polyester, robust seat belt webbing, and dense foam padding. Comes with its own hook so you can even hang it off the floor and out of the way.

•Padded protection for your bike
•Hangs vertically with included hook
•Built to last from durable 1800 denier polyester
•Shoulder strap for easy carrying
•Compatible with Tern 20” folding bikes
•Dimensions: 174 × 80 cm
•Weight: 2050 g

Tern Body Bag
$ 125.00
Tern Luggage Truss

Attach bags, baskets, and racks to the front of a Tern with the Luggage Truss. Attaching cargo to the frame of a bike rather than the fork or handlebars eliminates negative effects on steering. Fabricated from extruded aluminum, the Luggage Truss is extremely stiff and can hold loads up to 7 kg (15 lb). Features a KLICKfix™ quick-release connector so you can attach and detach bags at the push of a button.

•Compatible with KLICKfix™ handlebar adapter systems
•Integrated key lock to prevent theft
•Patented KLICKfix technology
•Capacity: 7 kg (15.4 lb)
•does not fit well on Verge S11 i or the 24 and 26 inch bikes.

second picture features a Kanga Rack. Please order seperatedly.

lockable Luggage Truss

$ 39.95

Kanga Rack

This is the coolest Tern/Klickfix accessory hands down. Its a rack which will allow you to strap all kinds of existing stuff to your bike.
due to 2 mountings it fits a small bike as well as one with more fender clearance.

comes with handy straps to hold almost everything
Same as the Klickfix Vario Rack

Kanga Vario


BioLogic Hold-all Basket

The HoldAll basket is a simple, convenient way to carry your stuff. The KLICKfix™ quick-release bracket lets you pop off the basket when you need to and the basket mounts to the frame of your bicycle so it doesn’t affect steering like typical handlebar- or fork-mounted baskets. Hand-woven from recycled PE. Works with most 20” and 24” bicycles.

•Compatible with KLICKfix™ handlebar adapter systems
•Stiff and durable aluminum frame
•Wrapped handle for comfortable grip
•Works with the Tern Luggage Truss (sold separately)or other Klickfix attachments
•16 L (976 cu inch) volume / 7 kg (15.4 lb) load capacity

BioLogic basket
$ 47.00
TERN Ride Pocket

Designed to hold all your essentials (wallet, phone, keys) so you can ride unencumbered
Intuitively organized for convenience
Mounts on the handlepost for accessibility
Fits all Dahons, Tern bikes and many more
Fits phones of all sizes—even the iPhone 6 Plus
Includes handy rain cover

Tern Ride Pocket
$ 29.00
BioLogic Suspension seat post

810 grams, 58 cm ( or almost 19 inches) from the bottom of this seatpost to the larger dia adjuster-ring
Suspension is a good thing - especially on small wheel bikes with high pressure tires. Our BioLogic seat post lets you float above the holes, bumps, and ruts in the road. The suspension mechanism is a special low-profile design to keep the folded size of the bike to a minimum. In addition to a striking forged clamp, the BioLogic seat post features adjustments for pre-load and side play. 33.9mm diameter.Saddle NOT included

BioLogic Suspension seat post
$ 79.99

BioLogic PostPump seat post II

How many times have you knelt on the ground and cursed under your breath as you've tried to inflate a tire with a small mini pump? If you're like us, it's been too many times to count. The PostPump is an ingenious product that integrates a powerful floor pump with a seat post. The pump is always ready to go, hidden from the elements, thieves, and your own forgetfulness. To use the pump all you do is remove the seat post from the frame, attach the valve, flip out the foot peg, and start pumping using the saddle as the handle. Go over 100psi in less than half the strokes of the best mini pumps. Brilliant! Suitable for all models 33.9 mm seat posts. 718 grams, 580 mm long. Saddle NOT included

Pic shows metal foot we sell the plastic foot version

BioLogic PostPump seat post, II
$ 79.99

Tern Telescopic Seatpost

Tern Telescopic Seatpost
Up to 90mm longer than standard 580mm seatpost to accomodate taller riders over 190cm/6.3

Reduces folded bike size with 120 mm (4.7) shorter retracted length

Dual bolt head design for precise saddle adjustment

Dimensions: Lower section – 420 x dia 33.9 mm (16.5 x 1.3) ; Upper section – 360 x dia 27.2 mm (14.2 x 1.1)

Weight: 715g (Upper section: 322g and Lower Section including QR clamp and plug: 393g)

Tern Telescopic Seatpost
$ 60.00
T Tool ARX Grips

T Tool Arx grips support for the palm of your hand and position your wrists to minimize numbness during long rides. The ergonomic support lets you relax your hands more during rides, resulting in less fatigue and more control when you need it. The grips lock into position on the handlebars and a triple density design puts a soft compound rubber just where you need it.

Stashed inside the grip is a patented T Tool, an integrated 4/5/6 mm Allen tool, so it is always conveniently at hand when you need it.
Arx grips fit most standard size (22.2 mm / 0.87" diameter) handlebars. T Tool insert fits handlebars with diameters of 17.8 mm (0.7) or larger.
contrary to the picture the orange lines are not orange but grey or black, better lookin actually.

ARX Grips Pair

Dahon FreeDrive

The FreeDrive encloses the bicycle chain to keep the riders clothing protected from grease and dirty spray. Due to its ingenious design, the FreeDrive moves with the chain. Unlike some other fixed chain protection methods that add friction. It also reduces chain vibration and noise. With a FreeDrive, you can say goodbye to bulky chainguards. Comes in 254 cm (100") length.

Biologic Free Drive chaincover
Valo 2 Headlight

Dynamo powered, 41 Lux, 150 Lummens, standlight, works with Andros Stem or 47mm ( longer than the older 40 mm ) VRO Stems
But you can use a Valo 2 on every bike as well, just order an Aber Hallo Stem extension, leave the handlebar as is and use the small centerpiece and one clamp to have a solid mounting for you headlight

Tern Valo 2
$ 60.00
Biologic Flashlight Holder

The FlashMount light mount firmly attaches most mini flashlights onto bike handlebars for use as a bike light. So instead of having multiple lights for different applications, you need only one high quality flashlight. It saves you money and encourages conservation of natural resources. Fits handlebars 19 - 45 mm in diameter and flashlights 15 - 30 mm in diameter. Flashlight not included.

Biologic Flashlight holder
$ 6.99
Biologic Tailight LED

The Biologic TailLight safety light is a combination LED light and reflector that snaps onto the rails of a bike saddle. No tools required. It sits up high so its more visible to cars coming up from behind and the bright LED light features both blinking and steady modes.

Biologic clamp on
$ 16.99
Biologic Wraplights Pair

WrapLight lights are safety cycling lights that strap to your handlebar and seatpost to make yourself more visible at night. A water resistant silicone case gives the light weather resistant protection while the bright LEDs provide ensure clear visibility and long battery life.

Front WrapLight (white, with white LED)
Rear WrapLight (red, with red LED)

Please note: we love those wrap lights, but they are also meant as an ADDITION to your regular safety reflectors and lights on your bike. They are not strong enough to ride without any other lights at night. Be safe out there, its a jungle !

Biologic Pair Wraplights
$ 19.99
Biologic Stainless Velcro Cage

New and Improved!!! Stainless Steel Cage. Velcro fastening. Goes on and comes off instantly. Strap it anywhere!

Suitable for all 16", 20" and 26" bikes. works very well on boats as well

Biologic Stainless Velcro Cage
Biologic I-phone 4 mount

The BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone lets you attach your iPhone or iPod Touch to your bikes handlebars so you can track your GPS position, your speed, or distance travelled, while you ride. The Bike Mount is a weatherproof case with a welded touch sensitive membrane so your iPhone or iPod Touch is completely protected from the weather but fully functional. The inside of the case is lined with silicon for shock resistance. The Bike Mount pivots so you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch in portrait or landscape mode. A membrane protected opening for the camera lens lets you take video or pictures while you ride. Fully compatible with the BioLogic ReeCharge.
This NEW case is fully compatible with Apples I phone 4 S, I phone 4, plus additional membranes which come with the case will allow the use of all older I phone 3 models.

IPhone 4s,4,3 mounting case
$ 10.00
` SP